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Justice Dept. names aides who have worked for detainees

Baltimore Sun

- The Department of Justice identified Wednesday the additional political appointees who have done prior legal work on behalf of captives in the war on terror, after GOP lawmakers accused the Obama administration of stacking the department with top officials sympathetic to enemy combatants. Matthew Miller, a senior spokesman at the Justice Department, said the names were not released before because "we will not participate in an attempt to drag people's names through the mud for political purposes." But, he said Wednesday, the names "can be easily found by anyone" using the Internet. In recent weeks Republican lawmakers have voiced strong concerns about conflicts of interest for Justice officials who previously represented detainees. That scenario "would be akin to allowing attorneys for the Mafia to draft organized crime policy during the 1960s," Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia, the top Republican on a House appropriations subcommittee, said Wednesday.

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