This week, Watchdog brings you updates on some previously unresolved issues.

Update:: It happened a little too early to call it a Christmas gift, but Linkwood Road in Baltimore's Tuscany-Canterbury neighborhood had been reopened to traffic as of early December, reports Watchdog reader Carol Gamble.

The road was closed in early 2008 when work began on the Lower Stony Run Interceptor, a $40 million sewer project to replace nearly a mile of 60-inch pipe.

Initially, the project was to be completed by July 2008, but the contractors encountered rock that they had not expected based on surveys.

Linkwood Road north of Stoneyford Road was finished and reopened, but work continued between that intersection and University Parkway.

By early December, though, the road had been reopened, to the relief of Gamble, who kept us posted.

Update:: The "Keep right" sign has been repaired on the traffic island recently installed on Edmondson Avenue at Rosewood Avenue, according to Watchdog spies in the Catonsville area.

Watchdog surmised that the sign had been hit by drivers unfamiliar with the new traffic pattern and wondered whether additional striping or lighting was needed to alert motorists to its presence. But Baltimore County officials said the island met traffic safety standards.

But drivers in Catonsville aren't just hitting new signs. Older signs are at risk, too.

After that article was published, Watchdog reader Jon Merryman sent in photo evidence of two other felled signs on older medians: one on Rolling Road at Edmondson Avenue, the other on Rolling Road just south of U.S. 40.

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