A Howard County high school teacher who was placed on administrative leave a year after winning a racial discrimination lawsuit against the county has not been paid since June and has appealed that action, according to a school system spokeswoman.

Michelle Maupin, 40, an English teacher at Wilde Lake High School in Columbia, has appealed the decision to place her on leave without pay, said school system spokeswoman Patti Caplan.

"I cannot confirm or deny that she has been terminated," Caplan said. "She's still on our employee list. That is all I can say."

When asked Thursday about her employment status, Maupin said, "Nothing has changed." She declined to comment further.

In July 2007, a jury awarded Maupin $237,000 in compensatory and punitive damages for racial discrimination suffered while teaching at Centennial High in Ellicott City.

She was transferred to Wilde Lake, where she filed a second lawsuit seeking $1 million, alleging that she had received reprimands in retaliation for having won the first lawsuit.

In September 2008, she was placed on paid administrative leave. She said the principal, an assistant principal and a police officer came to her classroom and ordered her to leave the campus.

Caplan confirmed Thursday that Maupin has not been paid since June.

During the summer, Maupin parted with two lawyers who had been representing her. The first, Dawn Martin, had asked to be removed from the case for what she called irreconcilable differences.

"[Martin] was doing more to help the defense than she was to help me," Maupin said at the time. "There needed to be a parting of the ways."

Martin's replacement, who was assigned by the court, was quickly removed after it was discovered that he had worked for a law firm that had represented the school system when it lost the racial discrimination lawsuit to Maupin in 2007.

District Judge William D. Quarles Jr. appointed William Alexander Goldberg, a lawyer based in Bethesda, to represent Maupin on July 23.

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