Staying power, consistently strong performances over a long period of time, and popularity are the factors that shaped my list of most notable news personalities, specifically broadcasters. There are some very fine and even beloved folks on this list.

Rod Daniels, WBAL anchor. The longevity and sense of stability he has provided for WBAL-TV news are rare.

Denise Koch, WJZ anchor. Ditto for Koch, who leads WJZ in the wake of legends - one of the hardest tasks of all.

Sally Thorner, WJZ anchor. Baltimore will lose a TV journalist of network-level talent when she retires Dec. 18.

Stan Stovall, WBAL anchor. Like the others, he is a strong and steady presence. But he makes my list in part because he was one-half of one of the first African-American anchor teams in the country when he and Beverly Burke were paired at WMAR-TV in the early 1990s. Consultants said viewers wouldn't accept two people of color together at the local anchor desk. Stovall helped prove them wrong.

Clarence Mitchell IV, WBAL radio host. Here's the exception to my longevity rule. But I admire the energy and commitment Mitchell brings to his show, and the effort he makes to speak to all members of the Baltimore audience in what is becoming more and more a niche business.

Larry Young, WOLB radio host. I don't think there is a show host on Baltimore radio who has such an easy rapport and profound connection with his audience.

Scott Garceau, 105.7 The Fan radio host. The former WMAR sports anchor has made the transition to sports talk radio with grace and style. Good for him and listeners who want an informed rather than a loud-mouthed sports talk show.

Marc Steiner, WEAA radio host. An enduring force of progressive radio and politics. With Steiner, the two do not separate.

Jayne Miller, WBAL TV chief investigative reporter. She is the best reporter on local TV, as she showed again in her coverage of the Sheila Dixon trial. There is not a close second.

Fraser Smith, WYPR radio senior news analyst. The former Baltimore Sun newsman, who now works at Baltimore's local NPR station, brings a wealth of political knowledge to the airwaves.

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What you said

* I enjoy watching Don Scott on WJZ. He has always been my favorite news person. He is so down to earth and natural on the air.


* I think that Jerry Turner and Al Sanders were the ultimate newsbroadcasters. They were a great pair and kept Baltimore totally informed. I also loved it when they would laugh on the air, as it always made me smile and laugh as well.


* Sandra Shaw is my favorite by far.........I could watch her read the phone book for hour upon hour..


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