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West River man charged with attempted murder of Annapolis police officer

A 46-year-old West River man was charged with attempted second-degree murder after Annapolis police said he nearly ran down an officer on bicycle patrol. Annapolis police said that about 3:15 p.m. Thursday, two officers approached a car parked near Larkin Street and Lafayette Avenue, with the officer on the bicycle stopping in front of the car. The car had a driver and one passenger, police said. Police said the other officer tapped on the driver's-side window, and when the driver looked up and saw him, he said, "Oh, [expletive]," and started to drive away. The officer on the bicycle raised his hand and told the driver to stop, but the vehicle accelerated toward the officer, according to police. The officer swerved out of the way, police said. The vehicle was stopped after a brief chase, and the passenger was gone, police said. Police charged John Kevin Kilroy with attempted second-degree murder and first- and second-degree assault. Kilroy has pending assault, theft and traffic charges from this summer, and several prior convictions, police said.

- Andrea F. Siegel

Death penalty trial records to be posted on Web site

Motions and other court documents in the first death penalty trial since the state adopted restrictions on capital punishment this year will be posted on the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Web site, court officials said. Lee Edward Stephens is one of two prisoners charged with the 2006 fatal stabbing of Correctional Officer David McGuinn at the now-closed Maryland House of Correction. His trial was recently postponed until Aug. 2. No trial date has been scheduled for the other defendant, Lamar C. Harris. The Web site is circuitcourt.org/news-room.

- Andrea F. Siegel

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