For months, Bryan and Michael Voltaggio have tried to outdo each other on the hit reality TV show "Top Chef."

Both brothers, who hail from Frederick, made it to the final round, along with Kevin Gillespie. Tomorrow, the contestants have one last chance to impress the judges and vie for the title. Will the winner be Bryan, the older, even-tempered brother who runs Volt in Frederick? Or Michael, the cocky, tattooed chef who now lives on the West Coast and likes pushing the limits? Or neither?

In honor of tomorrow's episode, here is a look at five celebrity sibling rivalries, from sports to movies.

Other brother rivalries

Eli vs. Peyton Manning

Both Mannings seem like homespun, all-American quarterbacks, and each has a Super Bowl ring - Eli with the New York Giants and Peyton with The Team That Shall Not Be Named. Peyton, however, wins this battle: Not only is he the more gifted gunslinger, he makes better commercials.

Winner: Peyton

Jeb vs. George W. Bush

Years ago, Jeb appeared to be the Chosen One -the heir to the Bush dynasty. Then older brother George swooped in and got himself elected president. Ouch! After finishing two terms as Florida's governor, Jeb is contemplating his next move, and probably secretly jealous of his older bro. At least Jeb didn't have to deal with that whole Hurricane Katrina thing.

Winner: George

Luke vs. Owen Wilson

With movies such as "Old School" and "Legally Blonde," Luke was on a tear in the early 2000s. Lately, his hot streak has cooled some, and older brother Owen moved into the limelight. Both have dry senses of humor, but Owen plays the lovable goofball like few others. These days, Owen is working on several high-profile movies, while Luke can be seen in AT&T; commercials.

Winner: Owen

Donnie vs. Mark Wahlberg

When it comes to music, there's no contest. Mark had a couple of hits with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Donnie, on the other hand, was a member of the hugely successful New Kids on the Block. Both Wahlbergs tried acting, and Mark hit his stride with several critically and commercially successful films. The New Kids got back together last year. America is still waiting on that Funky Bunch reunion. Well, maybe not. Mark should stick to making movies, where he really shines.

Winner: Mark

William vs. Alec Baldwin

This is almost a no-contest. Like their other brothers Stephen and Daniel, William and Alec both had promising acting careers in the 1990s. But while William's career all but vaporized in the 2000s, Alec continues to churn out memorable performances - most recently in the TV show "30 Rock."

Winner: Alec

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