A Baltimore woman has obtained a temporary restraining order against Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs after filing a domestic violence complaint, according to online court records.

On Friday, a court commissioner ordered Suggs to stay away from the woman and her home, pending a hearing this Friday. The order was granted after the woman, identified as Candace Williams, 26, filed a domestic violence complaint in Baltimore District Court.


"I won't have anything to say," Suggs, 27, told The Baltimore Sun on Saturday. "It's a family matter, and family matters should be kept personal. But all you guys [in the media] know me and my character, and, hopefully, at the end of the day that stands for something."

Suggs said Williams is not his current girlfriend, contrary to some reports.


Williams could not be reached for comment.

Various Web sites display pictures that claim to show Suggs and Williams together in April at a pre-fight party for a boxing match in Las Vegas.

Carole Alexander, executive director of the Baltimore House of Ruth, said a court commissioner will issue a temporary restraining order if the petitioner's complaint is deemed credible and a show-cause hearing is set for seven days later. At that hearing, a judge will decide whether to continue the order for up to a year, grant other relief or dismiss the matter.

It was unclear whether police instructed Williams to seek the restraining order or whether she sought it on her own.

"We are aware of the situation and have discussed the matter with Terrell," Ravens vice president Kevin Byrne said. "He will have his opportunity to tell his side of the story at a later date."

Suggs' only other off-the-field incident came on March 29, 2003, when he was charged with aggravated assault in a playground brawl in Phoenix, Ariz. A jury acquitted Suggs more than two years after the altercation.

Baltimore Sun reporters Ken Murray and Jamison Hensley contributed to this article.