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On the Baltimore Ravens' game days, "suiting up" takes on a different meaning for Chad Steele. The Ravens' director of media relations is always in a suit on those days. "There's a lot of national attention ... so we want to make sure that we represent ourselves well - not only in how we do, but how we look," says the 35-year-old Washington Village resident.

The look: A gray windowpane wool suit. White cotton button-down dress shirt. Blue striped Galo Cossinni tie. Brown Fratelli slip-on shoes. Breitling watch.

Where it came from: Because Steele is 6 feet 7 and 250 pounds, he gets all his suits from tailor Daswani, the Virginia-based owner of Athlete Custom Tailor. The shirt and tie also came from Athlete Custom Tailor. He bought his shoes from Friedman's Shoes. He found the watch at J. Brown Jewelers.

His everyday look: "At work, I'm usually in slacks and a polo or button-down shirt. ... I love jeans. If I could wear jeans 24/7, I would do it. I like True Religion. I love Lucky jeans. Lucky has finally come out with a big and tall line, so I can finally find something that fits my inseam."

His style rules: "Being clean. Ironing. I'm a military kid. ... Ties are big. ... You can have a beautiful suit on, and if you put on a horrible tie, that's where the eye is drawn. It can take away from the suit. I like bigger patterns - a bigger stripe, a bigger paisley."

How he shops: "It's hard for me to find things in my size that are nice looking. Daswani was up here in the spring, and I ordered five suits. ... If I'm going for slacks or something like that, then I usually go to Rochester Big and Tall. ... Shoes are hard. I wear a 15, 16. There's a place in Atlanta called Friedman's Shoes ... The shoes go from size eight to size 22."

The Ravens weigh in: "It's all part of being in the locker room. The guys will look at everything. They'll look at whether your shoes match your belt. Are your socks the right color to match your shirt or tie? Forget 'Project Runway.' There's no other place that's as hard on fashion as an NFL locker room. ... [The players] know how hard it is to dress well as a big man ... I told the guys before: 'If you have a problem with what I'm wearing, let's grab your credit card, and I'm more than happy to go on a shopping spree.' "

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