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The mayor must govern by example

I think the jury is to be commended for having the courage to convict the mayor on one count of embezzlement. I have little doubt that they will be vilified in their communities, but they chose to take a stand and examine the facts in the trial. What the mayor of Baltimore did was unacceptable, and she must be held to moral standards. Of course, so should the developers who sought to curry favor by delivering gift cards in plain, unmarked envelopes.

All in all, it is a sad commentary on the state of affairs in the much-beleaguered city of Baltimore, a city that needs to turn its attention to very serious issues. The mayor should govern by example and clear moral vision. That does not seem to have been the case for any of the players in this sordid episode.

Michela Caudill

No one is above the law

It is indeed a shame that a popular and effective public official should be forced from office for such a trivial crime, but it has to be done. Unfortunately, people at every level are faced with temptation when handling money that doesn't belong to them. Any retail clerk caught with their hand in the till knows they'll get fired if they're caught. Same here. The greed and arrogance that makes those in high positions feel like they're entitled to operate outside the law must be punished, even when it hurts those being governed. Unfortunately, that's part of the price of corruption.


Dixon is a good mayor

This is COMPLETE FOOLISHNESS. I can't believe we are wasting taxpayer money trying to get rid of a mayor that has made so much progress in this city. I think it is INSANE to prosecute someone for something that you would do yourself if the opportunity presented itself. If Governor O'Malley had done this, no one would have ever heard about it.


What has Dixon done?

The city's homicide rate was #2 in the nation last year, behind Detroit, a city economically depressed because of the automobile collapse. How has she made anything better? By stymieing progress in favor of pushing contracts to her closest friends and lovers?

She committed a crime against the people she was elected to serve. And this crime was committed against the most defenseless of them all. Sheila Dixon doesn't deserve her freedom, much less being mayor.


Dixon only in it for herself

I for one think she has wasted enough of the taxpayers' money! Maybe part of her sentence should be community service so that she can see the very people she was stealing from. It's a sad day when you have even just one person stealing from the poor when one has been blessed with so much. I'm sure this a very humbling experience for her but a much needed one! How do you do what she did and continue to try and say that you have the best interest of the people at heart? She was only interested in seeing what she could get out of it. She deserves exactly what she gets, if not more.


Baltimore deserves better

Mayor Dixon did some good things in Baltimore, more than Governor O'Malley for sure. But stealing is unacceptable, and stealing from the poor is worse.

And shame on her pastor for saying she was an honest woman. How can he say that when she admitted to having an affair with a married man for many years? What is his definition of honesty?

Baltimore deserves better from Dixon, and Baltimore deserves better than Dixon.


Stealing is stealing

Shame on you people who defend what she did as "something you would do yourself." She STOLE from the very people she swore an oath to protect. She should be ashamed to show her face in the city she swears she loves so much.


Prosecutor is out of control

State Prosecutor Robert Rohrbaugh should be fired! He is an embarrassment to his profession. He is the thief.

We spent how much finding this woman guilty of $600 in inappropriate activities?

Good people no longer choose political life because cowboys like Mr. Rohrbaugh are allowed to look until they find something stupid.

He should be out of a job and in jail. Please don't let him re-try anything.


Dixon was subjected to a double standard

No amount of corruption is tolerated if you are black. Our margin for error was always paper thin. This witch hunt was a waste of taxpayers' money. This money could have been used to compensate the family (who have not been paid) for the killing of the fire cadet. If you put every city's politicians under the same scrutiny, more than 90 percent would be convicted.


Jurors did their job

I'm proud of the jurors. Apparently there was heated discussion during deliberations, but they came together and did their job. This is not a black or white issue, this is a right or wrong issue. No one is above the law.


Charges were tiny

Get real. This is a tiny thing, a clean bill of health relative to what you see in a lot of other cities and counties. She wasn't bribed; she pinched some gift cards. And for that we lose an effective mayor with a long view not seen in most public figures? If this privileged, white male prosecutor wants to hunt down every last slip-up of any minority politician, let him do it pro bono. I can't believe my tax dollars are paying for this racist muckraking.


Consequences of verdict don't match the crime

I think what Dixon's supporters are reacting to is the severity of the consequences. Is the court system really the only mechanism we have for dealing with a situation like this? Losing the service of a committed public servant for something like this seems like a high price for Baltimore to pay. MDDem08

Dixon is selfish

Does this verdict really surprise the citizens of Baltimore? The mayor made cuts to the police and fire departments earlier this year, yet still approved a raise for herself and other members of City Council to account for the annual increase in cost of living. She did not conduct herself as a public servant should have - she behaved in truly selfish, self-serving ways.


Mayor did bad and good

What the mayor did was wrong, and she will have to answer for what she's done.

I just hope that we can keep in mind that we need to have compassion for those that are in turmoil, whether it is by their own machinations or not. We have ALL made mistakes and/or poor choices in varying degrees of severity. Not one of us on this earth is perfect. We may not be guilty of theft, but we are guilty of some action or deed that fortunately for us has only moral or ethical implications that we can hopefully repair in private - and not public, legal implications that damage our freedom, finances and reputation.

I think it is just a matter of time until Mayor Dixon resigns. I, for one, hope she is able to ask God for forgiveness and is able to accept whatever sentence is imposed with strength and grace. I hope that she and her family find peace and are able to have some semblance of life after this finally comes to and end.

I think we need to acknowledge the good Mayor Dixon has done along with the bad and hope that our new mayor will be able to continue with the GOOD EFFORTS Mayor Dixon has begun in Baltimore.

Concerned citizen

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