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Tim Wist of Baltimore County writes: I cannot figure out why there is still a ban on Sunday hunting in just four of Maryland's 23 counties. With 19 counties now having two to five Sunday hunting days on private property, why not all counties? We are talking about private property. If a landowner wants to permit Sunday hunting, then it should be allowed all season. I hunt in Baltimore County and am limited to Saturdays. Can you possibly get an answer from the Department of Natural Resources?

Outdoors Girl replies: Tim, the fault lies with your state lawmakers, not DNR. Back in 2003, when legislation was proposed to eliminate the 280-year ban, counties had the option of allowing two Sundays of deer hunting on private property or continuing the ban. Some counties - through their delegates and state senators - opted out as the bill made its way through the hearing process. In subsequent sessions of the General Assembly, most opted back in and some counties actually expanded Sunday hunting opportunities for bow hunters. Baltimore County lawmakers opted out in 2003, and an effort to lift the Sunday ban last session fell short. If Baltimore County hunters want change, they should tell their representatives now, so a bill can be drafted.

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