The problem:: A bus stop sign in Canton is missing.

The back story:: This Watchdog might sound familiar.

You might remember Gary Brukiewa, who reported a missing bus stop sign on the No. 7 line along Fait Avenue last year. Without the signage, drivers failed to stop for passengers, he said.

Well, Watchdog was able to get that sign replaced, but 12 months later, Brukiewa is facing a similar problem.

A utility pole in the 2700 block of Fait Ave. was replaced about a month ago, but the new pole did not bear a bus stop sign like its predecessor.

"People don't see the bus stop sign so they start parking there," Brukiewa said.

He says he began calling the Maryland Transit Administration Police and the MTA customer service line in mid-October and also told a few bus drivers about the missing sign, to no avail. So, he took the matter into his own hands - along with cardboard and some tape.

Brukiewa made his own sign to designate the bus stop and posted it on a stop sign pole, just to remind bus drivers, he said. When some of his neighbors removed the first makeshift sign, he replaced it. In the interest of preventing disputes with Brukiewa's fellow Canton residents, Watchdog contacted the MTA.

A service quality manager met Brukiewa at the bus stop. MTA spokeswoman Cheron Wicker said the agency has only an Oct. 29 call from Brukiewa on record about the missing sign.

The MTA maintains more than 7,500 bus stop signs, she said, and they can be removed for various reasons, including car crashes and vandalism. MTA officials plan to install a new sign on its own free-standing post, but any digging requires clearance from Miss Utility. The sign should be in place by Tuesday, Wicker said.

Who can fix this:: To get a missing bus stop sign replaced, call Eddy Okoro, superintendent of operations planning, service development, Maryland Transit Administration. 410-454-7113.

- Liz F. Kay

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