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If you haven't been to the airport since last year's Thanksgiving trip, some things have changed - but much has stayed the same, including the ban on liquids. Although you might not want to pay those extra fees to check your luggage, you may have to if you're bringing a jar of your special turkey gravy recipe. Here's a sampling of things you cannot pack in your carry-on:

1. Meat cleaver:

2. Mace/pepper spray:

3. Cooking fuel:

4. Gel candles:

5. Perfume:

6. Snowglobes:

7. Cranberry sauce:

8. Maple syrup:

9. Oils and vinegar:

10. Wine, liquor and beer:

Also, passengers are still limited to 3-ounce or smaller containers of liquids and gels, placed in a quart-size zip-top bag. Items such as baby food, breast milk and medicines are allowed to exceed three ounces. If you purchase items beyond the security checkpoint, those can be taken on the plane. Lastly, cakes and pies are OK, but may be "subject to additional screening," according to the Transportation Security Administration, or what I would call a taste test. More information at

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