Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five



News item: : Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is sidelined indefinitely after getting knee-capped by Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn on Monday night.

My take: : I haven't confirmed this with Notre Dame assistant head coach Corwin Brown, but I'm pretty sure Quinn didn't learn to play that way at South Bend.

News item:: Baseball's free-agent market opened for business Friday, but it's not exactly bursting with elite talent.

My take:: There are some comeback players - including former Oriole Erik Bedard - who might help the Orioles take a step forward if Andy MacPhail is willing to roll the dice a couple of times this winter.

Bonus take:: That's possible, but nobody ever accused Andy of being a riverboat gambler.

News item:: The Ravens moved up three spaces in's NFL Power Rankings this week, jumping from 14th to 11th after their 16-0 victory over the Cleveland Browns on "Monday Night Football."

My take:: Obviously, the people at the Worldwide Leader think a lot more highly of the Browns than I do.

Related news item:: The oddsmakers do, too, since they posted the Ravens as a one-point favorite when betting opened on Sunday's game against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts.

My take: : I'm still trying to figure that out, but the bettors have pushed the line toward the Colts, who are now a one-point favorite.

News item: : Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said after this week's owners meeting that some major league teams lost money in 2009.

My take:: This is baseball's version of Groundhog Day. If Bud pokes his head out in November and says major league teams are losing money, it usually means at least six weeks of soft free-agent bidding.

Related news item: : Baseball owners decided this week to remove some days off next October to tighten gaps between playoff series and shorten the postseason.

My take:: That's great news. I was really worried that next year I'd have to decide between Game 7 of the World Series and Thanksgiving dinner.

News item: : New York Jets coach Rex Ryan made headlines in the New York Post when he shed some tears in front of his team after Sunday's tough loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

My take: : No big surprise. Rex always said that when he grew up, he wanted to be Dick Vermeil.

News item:: Kansas football coach Mark Mangino, whose Jayhawks have lost five straight games, is under investigation for allegedly mistreating and verbally abusing current and former players, several of whom have come forward to complain about his behavior during the past several seasons.

My take:: Funny, but when he was the Associated Press National Coach of the Year in 2007, I didn't hear anybody complaining about his coaching methods.

News item:: FIFA, the world governing body of soccer, has rejected a request by Ireland for a replay of the disputed extra-time tie that propelled France into next year's World Cup, even though French star Theirry Henry conceded that he set up the tying goal with an illegal hand ball.

My take:: Henry has even endorsed the Irish request as "the fairest solution," but the only thing they can realistically hope for is that the poor officiating prompts FIFA to approve some kind of in-game video review system.

Bonus take: : I'm just glad this kind of thing never happens in the baseball postseason.

News item: : The Ravens waived kicker Steve Hauschka this week and signed journeyman Billy Cundiff.

My take:: Hindsight is always 20/20, so I'm not going to second-guess the decision to let go of Matt Stover. I may rethink that, however, if he kicks a game-winning field goal Sunday.

News item:: This Sunday's game between the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions at Ford Field will be blacked out on local television because of soft ticket sales.

My take:: The Lions had to announce the TV blackout because they were afraid no one would notice.

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