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'Going Rogue' by Sarah Palin:

She's baaack! The former VP candidate/hockey mom launches her media blitz for her new book this week, sitting down with big names like Oprah and Barbara Walters. (Somehow, Katie Couric was left off the list.) Will the book be a groundbreaking political memoir? Probably not. But will America be strangely transfixed? You betcha. In stores Tuesday.


'Terra Cotta Warriors':

One of the most astonishing archaeological discoveries of the 20th century is coming to Washington this week. More than a dozen of these striking figures that guarded the tomb of the first emperor of China will be on display. The exhibit, the largest to travel outside China, opens Thursday at the National Geographic Museum.



'Star Trek':

In this reboot of the classic sci-fi franchise, the cadets face a so-called no-win scenario. The same could be said for director J.J. Abrams, who had to win over hard-core fans and Trek virgins alike. But like the crew of the Enterprise, Abrams and his cast (led by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, above) beat the odds. They deliver a sleek ride mostly devoid of the decades of Trek baggage. In stores Tuesday.


'The Blind Side':

Rookies usually get the Hollywood treatment in retrospect, but Michael Oher of the Baltimore Ravens is certainly the exception to the rule. Based on the best-selling book by Michael Lewis, the film follows Oher (played by Quinton Aaron, above) from his time living neglected on the streets of Memphis, Tenn., to football stardom. In theaters Friday.


'Classical Links':

Twenty of the country's best jewelry artists will set up shop at the Walters Art Museum for a weekend-long showcase of their work. But "Links" is more than just silver and gold. Highlights include a fashion show, cocktail party and curator lectures. Starts 10 a.m. Friday.

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'Grace Hartigan: :

A Life in Painting':

A year after Hartigan's death at age 86, the C. Grimaldis Gallery celebrates one of the city's most prominent artists and a mentor to countless MICA students. This current exhibition showcases paintings including "Greuze Woman in White" (below). Opens Wednesday.



'Star Wars in Concert':

For now at least, "Stars Wars" isn't headed to Broadway. But that doesn't mean the rousing score doesn't have a stage to sound off on. Lucasfilm has ginned up a multimedia spectacle with a 100-foot screen and C-3P0 as your droid emcee. Starts 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the 1st Mariner Arena.



'WWII in HD':

History has never been accused of giving a short shrift to WWII. Yet the channel has never shown the war in this much color and vivid detail. And unlike other films told from the perspective of military brass or politicians, this series focuses on the everyday people who were swept up in the war. The weeklong series starts at 9 tonight.


Jim Gaffigan:

This is a man who loves his food (specifically Hot Pockets) - maybe a little too much. While other comics mine laughs from their relationships with the opposite sex, Gaffigan is more concerned about his relationships with fried chicken, ketchup and bacon. Performs 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Friday at the Lyric.



'Echo' by Leona Lewis:

With hits like "Bleeding Love," Lewis is one the few pop stars who have fully outgrown their talent-show roots. So it's hard to knock her for taking few risks on her sophomore album. Here, she favors catchy hooks and slick production value (thanks to Justin Timberlake and others) over innovation, which is likely wise. In stores Tuesday.

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