Annapolis Mayor-elect Joshua Cohen has named a former campaign opponent in the mayor's race and a Republican to be part of his transition team.

Former mayoral candidate Zina C. Pierre will co-chair Cohen's transition team. Pierre, founding president and CEO of the Washington Linkage Group Inc., a political consulting group, bested Cohen in the Democratic primary but left the race after her personal financial problems became public. Cohen, the runner-up, was nominated by Democrats to replace her.

Cohen has publicly supported Pierre, who has said she will remain engaged in civil life, and sought to gain her campaign supporters.

Cohen also named Gregory Stiverson, a Republican, as a co-chairman. Stiverson, who ran unsuccessfully for Ward 6 alderman, is the president of the Kunta-Kinte Alex Haley Foundation. Stiverson has also headed the Envisioning Annapolis Foundation and the Historic Annapolis Foundation.

"It does not matter to me if an idea is 'Democratic' or 'Republican,' " Cohen said in a statement Tuesday naming his "Idea Team." "What matters is if the idea makes sense. We are facing very challenging times, but I am confident that we can rise to meet those challenges if we pull together."

Cohen also named chairs of several transition committees:

* Maurice Tose, founder and chairman of the board of TeleCommunication Systems, will head Budget and Finance;

* Chuck Walsh, principal of Consensus Partners, will head Economic Development;

* Chris Trumbauer, a former biologist for the state Department of Natural Resources, will chair the Environment committee;

* Doug Smith, president of the Ward One Resident's Association, will chair Government Structure and Permitting;

* Sharon Brown, a former property manager for public housing, will head Housing and Community Services;

* Judd Legum, an attorney, will head a committee on Market House and City Dock;

* Dave Cordle, the chief investigator for the county's state's attorney's office and Cohen's Republican challenger in the mayor's race, will head Public Safety;

* Barbara Rasin Price, a founder and deputy director of Community Transportation Association of America, will chair Transportation and Parking.

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