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Camera case is picture-perfect

Name: : Golla Digi Bag

What it is: : A polyester carrying bag for compact digital cameras. I tried the Field model in dark gray with white flowers. It's not so feminine that a guy would feel uncomfortable hooking the carabiner clip to his belt loop.

How it works: : Not a lot to explain. You slide your compact digital camera into the padded pouch, tuck an extra battery and another memory stick into the interior pocket and zip it up.

The good: : Choosing a case for our Sony Cyber-shot became an unusually difficult process for my wife and me. We would search through an entire selection at a department store, and the ones she picked looked too bulky to me, though they had plenty of storage for an extra battery and memory stick or sticks, and the ones I picked bothered her aesthetically. This bag, from a Finnish company, solved both issues. It's so sleek, you wouldn't think you would be able to fit in the backup battery, but you can. And we could fit in another memory stick, too, except we figured out a few trips ago that it's smarter to buy the most memory you can get on one stick. You can also tuck in a credit card and ID. It's an attractive case that doesn't scream "tourist." I wondered if it would stain, because the case seems impervious to liquid. I dumped some of my morning coffee over the top (my wife squirmed; the camera was still inside). I mopped off the liquid, and the case was still dry and good as new.

The bad: : This is meant for compact cameras, so if you have an older, bulkier model, the camera might not fit.

Cost: : $14.99 to $16.99 (sometimes lower)

Available from: :, and or Target. Golla also offers several other lines for laptop cases and MP3 and phone covers.

- Ross Werland, Tribune Newspapers

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