A police dog shot by a city officer during a foot pursuit of a motorist who authorities say drove through a speed checkpoint was expected to make a full recovery after undergoing surgery Monday, according to staff at the Baltimore animal hospital where the German shepherd was being treated.

The dog, named Blade, should be released this week from Falls Road Animal Hospital in Mount Washington, said Dr. Keisha Adkins, who performed the surgery. The dog faces four weeks to six weeks of restricted movement but should be able to comfortably walk after that, according to Adkins.

The shooting happened about 6 p.m. Sunday after a speeding motorist failed to stop when ordered by officers manning the checkpoint in the 2600 block of Wegworth Lane near Hollins Ferry Road, police said. The man got out of the car moments later, and as he fled, officers at the checkpoint enlisted the aid of a K-9 unit, according to police.

The dog attacked an officer approaching the scene from a different direction, apparently mistaking him for the suspect, police said. That officer, not knowing Blade was a police dog, shot the animal at least once, according to police.

The dog was not wearing any type of Police Department identification. Adkins said the surgery involved removing bullet fragments from the dog's shoulder.

"He's a real trouper," Adkins said. "There could have been a lot more damage. He was pretty lucky with where the bullet hit him."

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