Clinton Macsherry of Baltimore asks: I love fresh tuna and wahoo. I thought blue marlin (but not white) was good eating. Wrong? I could swear I had a marlin steak 10 years ago in the Caribbean.

Outdoors Girl replies: Grilled blue marlin steak is a treat. A little salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime is all you need. A marinade suggested by a friend of mine is as follows: Combine in a saucepan 1/2 cup honey, 1/2 cup salad oil, 1 teaspoon chopped garlic and the juice of one lemon. Boil to reduce mixture by half. Pour into a plastic bag with marlin steaks and marinate for an hour. Remove fish from marinade and grill until flesh is flaky. The flesh is firm, so it doesn't fall apart when you flip it over.

Any recipe that works for swordfish or tuna steaks will work with blue marlin. As for white marlin, the Environmental Defense Fund says it "is marketed fresh or frozen, whole or in steaks or fillets ... and is "easy to cook as a steak or fillet." But I have to admit, I've never had it.

- Candus Thomson

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