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Pillow goes the distance

Name: : TravelRest travel pillow

What it is: : Unlike travel pillows that fit around the neck, with varying degrees of success, this inflatable model is more like a body pillow in the shape of a large, elongated comma. Its adjustable tether fits around your seat back to hold the pillow in place and provide support you might otherwise get from a wall or surprised fellow traveler.

How it works: : Blow it up, easily done in seconds. Loosen the tether so there is plenty of line to loop around the back of your seat, then cinch it up with the locking clip. It provides sturdy, huggable support. Some travelers may feel shy about putting the cord around the seat back, but this will give you a chance to interact with the traveler behind you. Just assure him or her that you're not trying to tie up the seat-back tray table.

The good: : Two of three testers loved this thing. Once properly tightened, the pillow offers better support than an airplane wall, which usually is too far of a lean, or a fellow passenger, who is either unwilling or too fidgety. My wife tried it in the middle seat of a plane and quickly dozed off. She usually can't sleep well on flights. I also tried it and found a new level of otherwise scarce airline comfort. I also used it on a train. Deflated, it rolls up and snaps to about the size of a croissant.

The bad: : The third tester had to keep futzing with the cord but couldn't get it tight enough. She finally gave up for fear that she would bother her fellow trans-Atlantic travelers. My first thought was operator error, but it's possible that body size could come into play, though I was able to tighten the cord just fine.

Cost: : $26.95 plus shipping. Cheaper if you order more than one.

Available from: : or

- Ross Werland, Tribune Newspapers

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