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Paula Jones finds herself in the middle of another proposition - this one involving the Maryland Republican Party.

Daniel "The Wig Man" Vovak, a Republican who ran for U.S. Senate in 2006 wearing a Colonial-style periwig, is offering to have Jones appear at a fundraiser for the cash-strapped state GOP.

Vovak has some pull with Jones, the former Arkansas state employee who in 1991 claimed then-Gov. Bill Clinton propositioned her. Jones has agreed to play herself in a movie Vovak is making, "The Blue Dress, A Comedy About Bill & Monica."

Vovak said Jones is game to come to Maryland for an as-yet-unscheduled fundraiser. It's less clear if the party wants in.

Vovak said he has twice spoken with the GOP's business manager. Party Chairman Jim Pelura told me that was news to him.

Vovak said he will go ahead with the event with or without the party's blessing. A group called the Young Republicans of Maryland has tentatively agreed to host it, and a portion of the proceeds would go to the state party, Vovak said.

"This is a bailout for my fellow Republicans," he said.

Vovak, incidentally, is considering another run for Senate - without that silly "Wig Man" name. This time, look for Daniel "The Whig Man" Vovak on the ballot. The 'h' is a nod to the GOP's Whig roots.

"This would be a more serious run because I'd no longer be running as The Wig Man, I'd be running as The Whig Man," he said.

And yes, he still intends to wear the wig.

Rosie and rubbish

Does cleaner, greener go with shadier?

Robert O'Connell of Baltimore snapped a photo of what looks like a great municipal gotcha: a solar-powered, trash-compacting public garbage can sitting in the shade.

I initially thought the can, at East Monument and North Chester streets, might belong to the Downtown Partnership. Spokesman Mike Evitts said it wasn't theirs, though he shed some light.

"The can in question is known as a big belly," he said via e-mail. "I always thought they looked a little like the robot maid, Rosie, from The Jetsons."

Evitts attached a photo of Rosie and referred me to the city Department of Public Works. I passed his message along to DPW spokeswoman Celeste Amato, who confirmed that the department services the can. She also assured me that it works.

"It seems to function in spite of the shade, like a solar calculator," Amato's e-mail said. "As long as it gets enough ambient light, it can do the job."

She added: "Isn't the real story here about Mike Evitts and his obsession with Rosie? It's not natural."

Connect the dots

Baltimore County Councilman Sam Moxley's second DUI arrest has given rise to "A Senior Moment," Joe Steffen reports on his blog Darkness Rising. "I've heard from two well-informed GOP sources that there is a movement afoot to draft Bob Ehrlich to run against Moxley for that County Council seat," the ex-Ehrlich aide reported. "No, not THAT Bob Ehrlich ... but his father, Robert L. Ehrlich, Sr ., or 'Senior,' as he has been affectionately known by all people [in] Ehrlich-World." I tried Senior at home and got a call back from not one, but two spokesmen for Junior. "He's not running for public office," spokesman Henry Fawell said. "The notion that he is is absurd." As for Junior's plans for future public service, spokesman Greg Massoni disclosed this much: the ex-governor has jury duty Tuesday in Anne Arundel County. ... Maryland lottery director Buddy Roogow dropped off his wife's Pontiac for an oil change at Anderson Honda on North Howard Street last month and rode the courtesy shuttle downtown to work. Taxpayers will be happy to know he seemed eager to get to the office - so eager that he not only urged the driver to hurry up but offered him a scratch-off lottery ticket, according to a Sun reporter who also happened to be aboard the shuttle. Can he do that? "I give scratch-offs to everyone," Roogow assured me. It's a promotional thing. Sort of like drug dealers giving out free samples of crack. ... Some yuksters have been having their way with signs promoting McDonald's new angus burger. On signs outside two Baltimore restaurants, my spies report the "g" in angus has gone missing. ...

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