News item: : The New York Times reported Thursday that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz tested positive for illegal performance-enhancing drugs during Major League Baseball's supposedly anonymous survey testing in 2003, according to lawyers familiar with the results.

My take: : OK, enough's enough. I know there is no way that MLB and the players union can justify outing the remaining 100 or so players who tested positive during the 2003 survey, but I think everybody has figured out by now that would be much better than having a couple of names leak out every six months, keeping the sport mired indefinitely in the six-year-old fallout from this tawdry scandal.

News item: : Orioles pitcher Rich Hill complained of a sore shoulder after unraveling in his latest start, giving the club an excuse to put him on the disabled list instead of moving him or another player off the 25-man roster to make room Wednesday for top pitching prospect Chris Tillman.

My take: : Since I can't see inside his shoulder, I'll take him at his word when he says he has a labrum injury, but when you come up hurt right when you're on the verge of being outrighted to the minor leagues, you've got to expect some skepticism.

News item: : Quarterback Brett Favre informed the Minnesota Vikings that he will stay retired for the time being but said in an interview that if some team calls him Nov. 1, "who knows."

My take: : I wonder whether Brett realizes just how ridiculous this situation has become. It has gotten to the point where I'm even embarrassed to wear my Wrangler jeans.

News item:: The defending world champion Philadelphia Phillies acquired 2008 Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee from the Cleveland Indians this week for a package of nice minor league prospects.

My take: : That pretty much wraps up the National League East, which the Phillies were already leading by seven games at the time of the deal.

News item:: Michael Vick, who gained conditional reinstatement from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, told reporters Thursday that he's getting close to signing with a team.

My take: : He didn't say an NFL team, but I hear the Minnesota Vikings have a spare quarterback jersey lying around.

Bonus take:: Wouldn't want to be Vikings coach Brad Childress, who now has to convince Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels that he truly believes they can get the team to the Super Bowl.

News item:: Alberto Contador celebrated his Tour de France victory by ripping teammate Lance Armstrong. "I've never had admiration for him, and I never will," he said.

My take: : Yes, Alberto, this is the way you rehabilitate the image of cycling after all those years of blood-doping. Obviously, you don't need to get a perfect score on the SAT to pedal a bicycle.

News item:: The New York Daily News reported recently that baseball commissioner Bud Selig is "seriously" considering lifting the lifetime ban on Pete Rose after Hank Aaron publicly called for reconciliation with the game's all-time hits leader.

My take: : Don't hold your breath. Whatever public consideration Selig gives Rose would be just a courtesy to Aaron. Nothing has changed.

News item:: Ravens wide receiver Demetrius Williams, who is coming back from an Achilles tendon injury, impressed the coaching staff Wednesday in his first full workout since November surgery.

My take: : I'd like to say that Demetrius is an inspiration to me, but if a great athlete like that needed seven months to walk without a limp after Achilles surgery, I might be on crutches until Michael Phelps is in the next Olympics.

News item:: White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle retired 45 consecutive batters over three starts, including the 27 in his perfect game July 23, to set a major league record.

My take: : Perhaps the most surprising thing about that streak is that only one of those 45 hitters was an Oriole (Nick Markakis).

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