Remember when upscale shopping in Towson meant a trip to Hutzler's? Well, you can forget those days. On Wednesday, Louis Vuitton opened in what can only be described as the luxury wing of Towson Town Center. The French designer is to leather handbags and accessories what Taittinger is to champagne and beluga sturgeon are to caviar.

Think women's wallets for $535 and a man's billfold for $315 - and that's the cheap stuff. When relatively simple handbags cost more than $2,000, you know you're not in Wal-Mart country anymore.

Vuitton joins Lacoste and Burberry at Towson, and more designers may be on the way. Clearly, Towson isn't just for the Talbot's and Hess Shoes crowd anymore.

-Peter Jensen

Readers respond

Louis Vuitton is off its rocker. Some vain July or August brides, some sophomoric guys who want to impress their impressionable dates by throwing money around, rich old dowagers, with bats in their belfry, who inhabit the monstrous houses in the inner recesses of the county and the old men who are married to these women (God pity them) for the purpose of shutting up their nagging, may be customers. The rest of us will hold on to our purse strings. But have you considered Louis Vuitton may not be high end in Towson? It may adjust itself to the global recession and place price tags on its creations that reflect their real worth, not some inflated false French puffery.


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