Imagine That *** ( 3 STARS) Eddie Murphy returned to top comic-dramatic form in this deft, charming comedy, playing a driven financial analyst whose daughter's imaginary friends seem to be handing her good stock tips. Critics applauded, but the audience stayed away in droves; it's worth seeking out before it disappears entirely, especially for families who've already seen Up twice.

Opening next Friday

Bruno : (Universal Pictures) Sacha Baron Cohen brings another of his flamboyant characters to the big-screen in this "gotcha" comedy, made in the Borat tradition.

I Love You, Beth Cooper: (20th Century Fox) A geeky high-schooler declares his feelings for the hottest cheerleader during his valedictorian speech at graduation. With Paul Rust and Hayden Panettiere.

Moon: (Sony Pictures Classics) An astronaut completing a three-year contract on the far side of the moon realizes he is in a race against the clock to discover what his company really has planned for him. With Sam Rockwell.

The Stoning of Soraya M : (Roadside Attractions). In a rural town in post-revolutionary Iran, a husband accuses his wife of adultery - and persuades the mayor and local mullah to convict her and impose the punishment of death by stoning. With Shohreh Aghdashloo and Mozhan Marn?.

Under Our Skin : (Shadow). A documentary exploration of Lyme disease and the controversies surrounding its identification and treatment.

Release dates are subject to change.

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