Public Enemies:

Johnny Depp plays lovable knaves like no one else, so it's no surprise that he feels right at home behind the tommy gun as 1930s gangster John Dillinger. And what's a bad boy without a gal at his side and a G-man on his tail? A-listers Marion Cotillard and Christian Bale round out director Michael Mann's all-star cast. In theaters Wednesday.


Guggenheim Grotto :

This up-and-coming Irish folk-pop band finally gets the First Thursday concert series up and running this week. Rain and problems with the grass in Mount Vernon Place park have derailed the summer staple for two months now. Let's hope the band brings the luck of the Irish with them. Show starts 5:30 p.m. Thursday in the west park.

Web: wtmd.org


'Wilco (The Album)' by Wilco:

Frontman Jeff Tweedy and company are back for this highly self-referential album. While the new songs aren't as groundbreaking as the ones on, say, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, it will more than appease the Chicago band's rabid fan base. It's mostly bright and fun and even features a guest spot from Canadian indie rocker Feist. In stores Tuesday.


'MFA in Studio Art:

Thesis Exhibition':

MICA students like Kelly Valdez have taken on the traditional painting assignment of a landscape and given it an edge. Instead of rolling hills, artists explore urban and "atrocity" landscapes with multilayered and comic-book-inspired pieces. Opens Monday at multiple galleries on the MICA campus.

Web: mica.edu


Fourth of July Celebration:

Independence Day always brings out the temptation for DIY pyrotechnics. Before you lose any fingers, remember that the Inner Harbor has you covered. The professional (and safe) fireworks start at 9:30 p.m. Saturday. The Naval Academy's Electric Brigade will provide the music.

Web: bop.org


Hung :

"Hey, sugar. Donnie's here." That bit of dialogue pretty much sums up the premiere of this new HBO drama about a high-school basketball coach by day, well-endowed gigolo by night. This comic take on the decline of the American Dream starring Thomas Jane (below) is raunchy, cheesy and endearingly sad. Airs 10 p.m. Sunday on HBO.


'Raiders of the Lost Ark':

You've probably seen Indiana Jones' first on-screen adventure a dozen times on DVD. But trust me: The Nazi face-melting scene is so much better outside under the stars. The American Visionary Art Museum hosts the screening 9 p.m. Thursday in Federal Hill Park. Raiders is one of several screenings set for the harbor area this summer.

Web: avam.org


'Pedro' :

It was easy to miss between all The Hills and Road Rules Extreme Challenge marathons, but MTV actually had something on worth watching this spring. Luckily, it has made its way to DVD. Pedro tells the story of Pedro Zamora, a cast member of the Real World: San Francisco whose on-screen battle with AIDS brought new attention to the disease and its victims. In stores Tuesday.


Fantasia in 'The Color Purple':

Idol winner Fantasia reprises her star turn as Celie in this musical version of Alice Walker's classic book. Purple came to Baltimore recently, but it was missing something - namely Fantasia's powerhouse performance. So catch her in D.C. before she stars in the movie version next year. Opens 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Kennedy Center.

Web: kennedy-center.org


African American :

Heritage Festival:

One of the city's biggest festivals returns to the scorching blacktop around the sports stadiums. The heat will be on as the mercury rises and a mix of new and old musical acts hit the stages. En Vogue and Raheem DeVaughn (below) are among the performers. The festival kicks off Friday outside M&T; Bank Stadium.

Web: aahf.net

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