Baltimore County police on Friday identified a 27-year-old Lochearn man who was shot by two officers Thursday after he summoned police to his home and then became violent and irrational, a spokesman for the department said.

The spokesman, Bill Toohey, said the man, Odatei Kwadwo Mills, was shot several times and was recovering from surgery at Sinai Hospital, where he was under sedation. Mills has not been charged with an offense, Toohey said.


The county's 911 switchboard received a call about 4:30 p.m. Thursday saying there was an emergency, but the caller did not provide an address before hanging up. An operator traced the call to a house in the 3600 block of Forest Grove Ave., and two officers were sent.

"Mr. Mills met them at the door," Toohey said. "He was making incoherent and irrational statements, and talking about aliens. He then fell on the ground on his back and asked the officers to arrest him."


Still outside the house, Mills was ordered to stand. At that point, Toohey said, "He jumped up and punched one of the officers in the face, so his partner hit him with a Taser."

In the struggle that ensued, the officers tried to handcuff Mills but managed to get the cuff on only one of his wrists. "He continued to fight and was Tasered again," Toohey said. "He got up again, and he pushed the officers away and ran to the side of the house, where there's a porch. He picked up a glass patio table and threw it at the officers. Then they used pepper spray - that didn't work."

A third officer had arrived by that point. Mills broke through a glass door and went back inside the house. The two officers who had initially responded went back to the front door and entered a vestibule, where they could hear Mills "going through a drawer in the kitchen," Toohey said.

"They were worried that he was perhaps looking for a knife, but he reappears with a heavy dining-room chair. He looked like he was going to throw it at them. He refused orders to put it down and stop, and that's when the officers fired," Toohey said.

The two officers who fired their weapons were placed on paid administrative leave. Toohey said the officers' union contract prohibits their names from being released immediately, but he said their names would be released next week.

"All indications are that the shooting was justified," Toohey said, "but as in all officer-involved shootings, there will be a rigorous investigation."