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Round 2

(At New York)

33. Detroit, Louis Delmas, db, Western Michigan.

34. New England (from Kansas City), Patrick Chung, db, Oregon.

35. St. Louis, James Laurinaitis, lb, Ohio State.

36. Cleveland, Brian Robiskie, wr, Ohio State.

37. Denver (from Seattle), Alphonso Smith, db, Wake Forest.

38. Cincinnati, Rey Maualuga, lb, Southern California.

39. Jacksonville, Eben Britton, ot, Arizona.

40. New England (from Oakland), Ron Brace, dt, Boston College.

41. New England (from Green Bay), Darius Butler, db, Connecticut.

42. Buffalo, Jairus Byrd, db, Oregon.

43. Carolina (from San Francisco), Everette Brown, de, Florida State.

44. Miami (from Washington), Pat White, qb, West Virginia.

45. New York Giants (from New Orleans), Clint Sintim, lb, Virginia.

46. Houston, Connor Barwin, de, Cincinnati.

47. Oakland (from S.D. through N.E.), Michael Mitchell, db, Ohio.

48. Denver, Darcel McBath, db, Texas Tech.

49. Seattle (from Chicago), Max Unger, c, Oregon.

50. Cleveland (from Tampa Bay), Mohamed Massaquoi, wr, Georgia.

51. Buffalo (from Dallas), Andy Levitre, g, Oregon State.

52. Cleveland (from N.Y. Jets), David Veikune, de, Hawaii.

53. Philadelphia, LeSean McCoy, rb, Pittsburgh.

54. Minnesota, Phil Loadholt, ot, Oklahoma.

55. Atlanta, William Moore, db, Missouri.

56. Indianapolis (from Miami), Fili Moala, dt, Southern California.

57. Ravens, Paul Kruger, de, Utah.

58. New England, Sebastian Vollmer, ot, Houston.

59. Carolina, Sherrod Martin, db, Troy.

60. New York Giants, Will Beatty, ot, Connectitcut.

61. Miami (from Indianapolis), Sean Smith, db, Utah.

62. Tennessee, Sen'Derrick Marks, dt, Auburn.

63. Arizona, Cody Brown, lb, Connecticut.

64. Denver (from Pittsburgh), Richard Quinn, te, North Carolina.


1, Cleveland traded its first-round pick to the New York Jets for the Jets' first- (No. 17) and second-round (No. 52) picks, plus DE Kenyon Coleman, QB Brett Ratliff and DB Abram Elam. New York selected Mark Sanchez, qb, Southern California. Cleveland traded (No. 17) to Tampa Bay and selected David Lavitre, g, Oregon State.

2, Cleveland traded its first-round (No. 17) pick to Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers' first- (No. 19) and sixth-round (No. 191) picks. Tampa Bay selected Josh Freeman, qb, Kansas State. Cleveland traded (No. 19) to Philadelphia and selected (No. 191).

3, Cleveland traded its first-round (No. 19) pick to Philadelphia for the Eagles' first- (No. 21) and sixth-round (No. 195) picks. Philadelphia selected Jeremy Maclin, wr, Missouri. Cleveland selected Alex Mack, c, California and (No. 195).

4, New England traded its first-round (No. 23) pick to Ravens for the Ravens' first- (No. 26) and fifth-round (No. 162) picks. Ravens selected Michael Oher, ot, Mississippi. New England traded (No. 26) and (No. 162) to Green Bay.

5, New England traded its first- (No. 26) and fifth-round (No. 162) picks to Green Bay for the Packers' second- (No. 41) and third-round (No. 73 and 83) picks. Green Bay selected Clay Matthews, lb, Southern California and (No. 162). New England traded (No. 47) to Oakland and selected (No. 73) and (No. 83).

6, Seattle traded its second-round (No. 37) pick to Denver for the Broncos' 2010 first-round pick. Denver selected Alphonso Smith, db, Wake Forest.

7, Oakland traded its second- (No. 40) and fifth-round (No. 164) picks to New England for the Patriots' second- (No. 47), fourth- (No. 124) and sixth-round (No. 199) picks. New England selected Ron Brace, dt, Boston College. Oakland selected Michael Mitchell, db, Ohio, (No. 124) and (No. 199).

8, San Francisco traded its second- (No. 43) and fourth-round (No. 111) picks to Carolina for the Panthers' 2010 first-round pick. Carolina selected Everette Brown, dt, Florida State and (No. 111).

9, Chicago traded its second-round (No. 49) pick to Seattle for the Seahawks third- (No. 68) and fourth-round (No. 105) picks. Seattle selected Max Unger, c, Oregon. Chicago selected (No. 68) and (No. 105).

10, Dallas traded its second-round (No. 51) pick to Buffalo for the Bills' third- (No. 75) and fourth-round (No. 110) picks. Buffalo selected Andy Levitre, g, Oregon State. Dallas selected (No. 75) and (No. 110).

11, Miami traded its second-round (No. 56) pick to Indianapolis for the Colts' second- (No. 61) and fifth-round (No. 165) picks. Indianapolis selected Fili Moala, dt, Southern California. Miami selected Sean Smith, db, Utah and (No. 165).

12, Pittsburgh traded its second- (No. 64) and fourth-round (No. 132) picks to Denver for the Broncos' third-round (Nos. 79 and 84) picks. Denver selected Richard Quinn, te, North Carolina and (No. 132). Pittsburgh selected (No. 79) and (No. 84).

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