bankruptcyforce: @SondaT mortgage "banks" are actually just bill collectors who rent a banks name but get paid more to foreclose than rework a deal

niallok: Bank's gonna foreclose on the mortgage! Family can't make the payments cos bad man is oppressing them! A-Team shows up...


niallok: Oh that A-Team. Today they're loggers making a lumber delivery. The bank would foreclose on the mortgage without it!

gilbie: why foreclose on a family if they only owe 7000? So many empty homes and some many homeless in this country.


azgirl3451: does anyone no about the foreclose houses in tucson, or how can i get a free list of houses

amberlough: Happy News: we don't have to foreclose! We just got four offers on our San Diego townhome.

bankruptcyforce: @WJHG_TV if the lender can't be found to negotiate, they can't be found to foreclose either; they're being too nice to servicing co's

OPLaw: Thrilled to see Dept of Treasury is auditing AIG's counterparties. They will figure out that banks are double dipping when they foreclose.

lalulorlor: @serenity639 If you HAVE to, don't foreclose. Do a short-sale. It only affects your credit for 3 years, versus like 7 for a foreclosure.

petersantilli: On my way to meet Attorney's who are helping me pounce on every crooked Bankster trying to foreclose on people they sold fraudulent loans to

MichelleLeslie: @StephenWolfe I'm looking for a foreclosure in the Fultondale area. Found a few, but they weren't in good condition.

OrangeParkHomes: Liz -Fighting with the banks to pull a house out of foreclosure.... wish me luck!