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An encounter with the undead ... paparazzi

Woody Harrelson is likening a paparazzo he tussled with at a New York airport to one of the undead zombies he battled in his most recent film.

In a statement released Friday, Harrelson jokingly compares the scrutiny of the paparazzi to his being "constantly under assault by zombies" in his upcoming film, Zombieland.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ posted a video on Thursday of Harrelson chasing one of their photographers, who followed the actor and his 12-year-old daughter through New York's LaGuardia Airport. TMZ said Harrelson broke the photographer's main camera, and the paparazzo is heard repeatedly accusing Harrelson of assault - while he continued to follow the actor.

Harrelson says he was "still very much in character" when he was met by the photographer, who, he adds, he mistook for a zombie.

Fawcett released from L.A. hospital

Farrah Fawcett has been released from a Los Angeles hospital after being treated for internal bleeding not directly related to her cancer, reported.

The 62-year-old actress, who starred in the Charlie's Angels TV series, was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006.

She recently had a "minor procedure" in Germany that "led to a small amount of bleeding into a muscle in her abdominal wall," which created a hematoma, a sac of blood that caused pressure and pain, her Los Angeles cancer specialist, Dr. Lawrence Piro, said earlier this week.

Piro told People that Fawcett, who was discharged Thursday, was in good spirits and looking forward to celebrating Easter at home.

A phone message was left for Piro on Friday at his clinic.

No bail for stars' son on probation

A judge ordered Friday the son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal to be held without bail while he awaits sentencing on a probation violation.

Redmond O'Neal appeared in court Friday and admitted he had violated the terms of his probation for a previous drug conviction, court records show. A judge revoked the 24-year-old's bail and ordered a sentencing hearing for next week.

He faces up to three years in state prison for the violation, and still has a pair of pending drug cases.

O'Neal has been jailed since Sunday, when he was arrested at a jail north of Los Angeles on suspicion of carrying heroin. O'Neal had been sentenced to a drug diversion program after pleading guilty to methamphetamine and heroin possession charges in June.

Less than three months later, O'Neal was arrested along with his father on suspicion of having methamphetamine at the actor's Malibu home.

A call to O'Neal's attorney was not returned Friday.

Ryan O'Neal pleaded guilty to a drug possession charge in January and remains in a drug diversion program.

Reba says women are the showstoppers

Reba McEntire pulls no punches about the women of country music: She says they put on a better show.

In a genre that has traditionally been dominated by men, those sound like fighting words. "No, they're truthful," corrected the singer.

"I've watched many, many decades of entertainers," she said. "And I will go watch females and be totally entertained. And when I watch the males, I love their singing, and their lights. But when the girls come on, you better know that they've come up with something new and innovative, and they're going to give you a show."

McEntire will be on the road this spring and has a new album due in late summer.

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Ethel Kennedy, 81.

Actor Joel Grey, 77.

Actress Louise Lasser, 70.

Movie writer-director John Milius, 65.

Actor Meshach Taylor, 62.

Actor Bill Irwin, 59.

Songwriter-producer Daryl Simmons, 52.

Singer Lisa Stansfield, 43.

Actor Johnny Messner, 39.

Rapper David Banner, 35.

Actress Tricia Helfer, 35.

Rock musician Chris Gaylor (The All-American Rejects), 30.

Singer Joss Stone, 22.

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