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Fast & Furious

** 1/2 ( 2 1/2 STARS)



$71 million

1 week

Rated: PG-13

Running time: 107 minutes

What it's about: Fast & Furious is a stripped-down version of The Fast and The Furious, the first movie in this demolition derby of a franchise.

Our take: The combination of relentless fuel-injected stunts and the equally relentless Vin Diesel (above) turns pummeling.

Monsters vs. Aliens

* 1/2 ( 1 1/2 STARS)



$104.8 million

2 weeks

Rated: PG

Running time: 94 minutes

What it's about: A group of Earth monsters - slapstick versions of the 50-Foot Woman, the Fly (here, Dr. Cockroach), the Blob, the Missing Link and Mothra (here, Insectosaurus) - battle the evil alien Gallaxhar.

Our take: The 3-D will pop your eyes without tickling your funny bone.

The Haunting in Connecticut

** ( 2 STARS)



$37.2 million

2 weeks

Rated: R

Running time: 92 minutes

What it's about: A family moves into a house that had been a mortuary so that mother Sara (Virginia Madsen, above) and older son (Kyle Gallner) can be closer to the hospital where he receives experimental care.

Our take: You have to be willing to take a lot of punishment for a few good scares.


** ( 2 STARS)



$58.2 million

3 weeks

Rated: PG-13

Running time: 121 minutes

What it's about: Nicolas Cage (above) plays an MIT professor who discerns a pattern of disasters in a coded letter from a time capsule and must strive to save his young son - and possibly the world.

Our take: It makes you feel as if you're witnessing That '70s Movie: The Doomsday Edition.

I Love You, Man

*** ( 3 STARS)



$49.2 million

3 weeks

Rated: R

Running time: 105 minutes

What it's about: The hero (Paul Rudd) finds a best man for his wedding - and a mentor in masculinity - in a well-heeled loafer (Jason Segel, above).

Our take: It's just a slick big-screen sitcom, but the casting couldn't be better.

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