1. Red Sox (95-67 in 2008)

Deepest pitching staff in baseball and a good offense, too.


2. Phillies (92-70)

Defending champions will have to overcome early injuries.


3. Yankees (89-73)

Can't ignore their offseason purchases, even if A-Rod is out.

4. Rays (97-65)

Maybe the American League champs should be higher, but they won't surprise anyone now.

5. Dodgers (84-78)

It's not just Manny Ramirez being back; great mix of youth and veterans.

6. Angels (100-62)

Bobby Abreu is a good consolation prize after losing Mark Teixeira.


7. Cubs (97-64)

The more they struggle, the more former prospects the Orioles get.

8. Mets (89-73)

They bolstered the bullpen. Will

that stop the annual choke?

9. Indians (81-81)


A lot of questions, but could win an up-for-grabs division.

10. White Sox (89-74)

Lots of talent, but much of it is long in the tooth.

11. Marlins (84-77)

Still super young, but unexpectedly successful last year.

12. Diamondbacks (82-80)


Have possibly the best 1-2 pitching punch in Brandon Webb and Dan Haren.

13. Brewers (90-72)

Without CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets, will have to out-slug teams to win.

14. Athletics (75-86)

Matt Holliday and Jason Giambi should drive in enough runs for young rotation.

15. Twins (88-75)


Solid all-around, but extended injury to Joe Mauer could sink this club.

16. Cardinals (86-76)

A healthy Chris Carpenter would give this team renewed life.

17. Tigers (74-88)

Still think last year's collapse was a fluke. Too much offense to be awful.

18. Braves (72-90)


They rebuilt their rotation and have one of baseball's best managers.

19. Reds (74-88)

No reason the youngsters won't take the next step this year.

20. Blue Jays (86-76)

Buried in the AL East almost as deep as the Orioles.

21. Giants (72-90)


If pitching wins championships, they should be in the National League West race.

22. Astros (86-75)

They can score runs, but can anyone besides Roy Oswalt pitch?

23. Royals (75-87)

Headed in the right direction with good young talent.

24. Rangers (79-83)


Like the Orioles, they are building pitching; it's just not ready yet.

25. Orioles (68-93)

Potential to move up if beleaguered rotation surprises.

26. Pirates (67-95)

Their streak of ineptitude is longer than the Orioles'.

27. Rockies (74-88)


Their pitching is traditionally shaky, but this bad?

28. Mariners (61-101)

Think rebuilding club would like Adam Jones and Chris Tillman back?

29. Nationals (59-102)

Have improved from last season but have a long way to go.

30. Padres (63-99)


Will be 31st of 30 if they ever trade Jake Peavy.