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Dragonball Evolution: (20th Century Fox) A young man must track down seven mystical treasures before an evil lord uses them to take over the world. Based on the popular Japanese cartoon.

Hannah Montana: The Movie: (Walt Disney Pictures) The teen pop star is torn between her jet-setting Hollywood scene and the slower pace of her hometown in Tennessee. With Miley Cyrus and Jason Earles.

Observe and Report : (Warner Bros.) A mall security guard hopes to advance his career and his love life by catching a serial flasher. With Seth Rogen and Anna Faris.

Shall We Kiss?: (Music Box Films) Two young lovers debate whether there's such a thing as a kiss without consequences. With Michael Cohen and Julie Gayet.

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Duplicity : *** (3 STARS)

This spy caper is fading fast at the box office, so if you want to see Clive Owen flex his romantic-comedy muscle and Julia Roberts unfurl her new mature majesty as a woman of mystery, better catch it now. The spy-vs.-spy plotting may be too clever by half, but just relax and be grateful - most movies these days aren't clever at all.

Michael Sragow

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