Gomorrah: **** The crime syndicate Camorra has made a Gomorrah (as in Sodom-and-) out of Naples, Italy.


I Love You, Man: *** The hero (Paul Rudd), a metrosexual who's more like a suburbansexual, finds a best man for his wedding - and a mentor in masculinity - in a well-heeled loafer (Jason Segel) who's the consummate city slacker, complete with a for-men-only clubhouse he refers to as "the man-cave."

Sunshine Cleaning : *** A woman struggling to get over life's disappointments (Amy Adams) and her feckless sister (Emily Blunt) start an unlikely new business: a biohazard removal/crime scene clean-up service.


Worth a look

The Haunting in Connecticut : ** In 1987, the Campbell family moves into a house that had been a mortuary so that mother Sara (Virginia Madsen) and older son Matt (Kyle Gallner) can be closer to the hospital where he receives intense experimental care.

Knowing: ** Nicolas Cage plays an MIT professor who discerns a pattern of disasters in a coded letter from a time capsule and must strive to save his young son - and possibly the world.

The International: ** 1/2 An Interpol agent (Clive Owen) and a Manhattan assistant district attorney (Naomi Watts) investigate an underhanded international bank.

We warned you ...

Last House on the Left : Zero stars A mother and father come face to face with the brutes who assaulted, raped and shot their daughter and killed her best friend.

Monsters Vs. Aliens : * 1/2 A group of Earth monsters - slapstick versions of the 50-Foot Woman, the Fly (here, "Dr. Cockroach"), the Blob, the Missing Link and Mothra (here, Insectosaurus) - battles the evil alien Gallaxhar (Rainn Wilson).

Watchmen : * 1/2 A disbanded superhero team regroups when someone seems to be killing them off in an adaptation that's 90 percent true to the graphic novel and 100 percent lacking in originality or vitality.


Coming Friday

Adventureland: (Miramax) Jesse Eisenberg plays a college graduate in 1987 who cannot afford the grand European tour he had planned and must spend the summer working at an amusement park. With Kristen Stewart, Kristen Wiig and Ryan Reynolds.

: Everlasting Moments : (IFC Films) A Swedish woman's life is turned upside down when she wins a camera in a lottery. With Maria Heiskanen and Mikael Persbrandt. In Swedish with English subtitles.

Fast & Furious: (Universal Pictures) Vin Diesel and Paul Walker get back into their respective driver's seats to bring down a heroin ring. With Michelle Rodriguez.