Eggs, irony at Dixon breakfast fundraiser

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Below are some highlights from this week's entries on The Baltimore Sun's Maryland Politics Blog, along with selected comments from readers.

The first motions in the state's case against Sheila Dixon were Friday morning. So what's a mayor to do on such a potentially stressful day? Hold a fundraiser!

According to an e-mail from Friends for Sheila Dixon, the mayor hosted a breakfast fundraiser for her re-election campaign hours before her attorneys were in court. Tickets were $250 for individuals or $1,000 for sponsors of the event.

In the department of particularly amusing timing, the mayor who's on trial for gifts she's accused of taking from developers gave the fundraiser a development theme. The subject line for the e-mail solicitation was, "Come Enjoy a Warm Meal and Get Hot Information about Baltimore's Superblock Development!"

Andrew A. Green

Posted by blog reader Carole: "God Bless her brazen soul."

And from commenter Iris: "A person is innocent until proven guilty. There are so many people who do not know the 'real story' but pass a judgment of guilt on our fine mayor. My vote is cast for a 2nd term for Mayor Sheila 'Undefeatable' Dixon. Good for you, mayor. Be blessed!"

CNN's Don Lemon had an interview with Michael Steele, during the course of which the RNC chairman said he would "consider" running for president, and that his comments about Rush Limbaugh were part of a calculated strategy.

The CNN political ticker reported that Steele "stressed he has never given serious thought to a potential White House bid," but that he said he may decide to seek the presidency at some point if he determines that's "where God wants me to be."

"God has a way of revealing stuff to you, and making it real for you, through others," Steele said, according to CNN. "And if that's part of the plan, it'll be the plan. ... [If I run,] it'll be because that's where God wants me to be at that time."

As for his run-in with Rush Limbaugh, which led to a public apology for calling the radio host an entertainer who is deliberately inflammatory: "I am a cause-and-effect kind of guy. So if I do something there's is a reason for it. Even if it may look like a mistake, a gaffe, there is a rationale, there is a logic behind it. It's all strategic."

David Nitkin

In response, Independent blogger wrote: "Funny how I hear the left talk about Michael Steele as incompetent and the media try to turn Michael Steele into some kind of joke or the Republican Obama. If Steele is truly incompetent ... why is it the GOP OUTRAISED the DNC last month and are well on their way to doing it again this month?"

Tony Joe from Baltimore also offered comment. "Now only in the current Republican Party, could Michael Steele, an uninspiring Lt Guv and failed [Senate] candidate, consider himself a viable candidate for president? Their bench strength is non-existent," he wrote. "Republicans don't seem to realize that American voters when they turned to Barack Obama were not making some affirmative action hire. They measured the man and saw the potential for greatness. Comparatively Michael Steele is an empty suit. Please let him run!"

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