Bones in Carroll those of a woman dead for years

The Baltimore Sun

Skeletal remains discovered in Carroll County on Tuesday are those of a woman believed to have been dead for at least three years, state police investigators said Friday.

The findings come after an examination conducted at the state medical examiner's office.

Just before 5 p.m. Tuesday, state police were called to the 900 block of Baltimore Blvd. in Westminster. A person who had been walking through a wooded ravine behind a manufacturing company reported seeing what appeared to be a human skull in an area where debris had been dumped for several years.

Although no identification of the remains has been made, forensic experts believe they are those of a white woman in her mid- to late 20s, about 5 feet tall with a petite build. She has been dead between three and 10 years, police said.

Investigators have begun to notify law enforcement agencies along the East Coast and throughout the Midwest about the discovery. Meanwhile, the investigation continues in the area where the remains were found, police said.

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