Race to Witch Mountain: *** The nonstop sci-fi chase involves child aliens who bring out the combat skills and fatherly virtues of a good-hearted Las Vegas cabbie with useful auto-racing experience (Dwayne Johnson). To ensure the survival of Earth as we know it, this unlikely trio must outmaneuver some grim avengers.


Duplicity: *** A pair of high-powered spies (played by Julia Roberts and Clive Owen) can't help testing their powers of deception even after they team up as lovers and partners in a high-stakes masquerade.

I Love You, Man: *** The hero (Paul Rudd), a metrosexual who's more like a suburbansexual, finds a best man for his wedding in a well-heeled loafer (Jason Segel) who's the consummate city slacker, complete with a for-men-only clubhouse he refers to as "the man-cave."


Worth a look

Knowing: ** Nicolas Cage plays an MIT professor who discerns a pattern of disasters in a coded letter from a time capsule and must strive to save his young son - and possibly the world.

The International: ** 1/2 An Interpol agent (Clive Owen) and a Manhattan assistant district attorney (Naomi Watts) investigate an underhanded international bank.

Medicine for Melancholy : ** A one-night stand turns into a day freighted with political significance as well as sexual chemistry for Micah (Wyatt Cenac) and Joanne (Tracey Heggins).

We warned you ...

Last House on the Left : Zero stars

A mother and father come face to face with the brutes who assaulted, raped and shot their daughter and killed her best friend.

Watchmen : * 1/2 A disbanded superhero team regroups when someone seems to be killing them off in an adaptation that's 90 percent true to the graphic novel and 100 percent lacking in originality or vitality.


Coming Friday

12 Rounds : (20th Century Fox) A police detective must complete 12 insidious challenges to save his kidnapped girlfriend.

The Haunting in Connecticut : (Lionsgate) A family is terrorized by the supernatural after moving into a former mortuary.

Gomorrah : (IFC Films) This Italian film takes a journalistic look at what goes on inside the Naples-based mob known as Camorra. In Italian with English subtitles.

Monsters vs. Aliens 3-D : (Paramount/Dreamworks) A ragtag group of monsters are enlisted to defend Earth against an alien invasion. With the voices of Reese Witherspoon and Seth Rogen.

Sunshine Cleaning: (Overture) Strapped for cash, a mother starts an unusual business - a biohazard removal/crime-scene cleanup service.