Hometown: Baltimore

Members: Drew Shaffer, vocals and guitar; Brian Pollack, guitar; Justin Goodman, bass; Jordan Goodman, drums


Founded: 2008

Style: rock


Influenced by: Death Cab for Cutie, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead

Notable: The group's first EP, All I Thought Impossible, will be released in April. The group won a contest to perform at Tigerfest in Towson in late April.

Quotable : "The record really encompasses what I think we're going for as a band - trying to have a mature sound as young adults," Justin Goodman said. "We're trying to find our place between the mainstream indie rock and the mainstream pop punk that's out there and try to bridge the gap and win over both audiences with it."

Sam Sessa

The Dialogue performs with Dropout Year, Everlove, Fairgreen and Halfway to the Moon Saturday at St. Johns Hamilton, 5315 Harford Road. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Go to The band: