Allie Bulmer

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Not all the sights at Cirque du Soleil's "Kooza" were onstage. Just check out 20-year-old Allie Bulmer, who was in the opening-night audience. The Montgomery College student and waitress loves watching current trends and adapting them to her "sophisticated, sexy and a little bohemian" style. But, this Damascus resident is no fashion fascist. "Everyone has their own style. The fashion police may say don't do that, but let people do [what they want]. If it's last season and you like it, that's fine. It's whatever works for you."

Self-described style: : "Sophisticated, sexy and a little bohemian"

The look: : Cream chiffon LUX tunic top. Seven for All Mankind boot-cut jeans. Black velvet cropped Silence & Noise jacket. Bone patent-leather Guess pumps. Black patched-leather Marc Jacobs handbag.

Where it came from:: She found the top and jacket at Urban Outfitters. Her jeans came from the Seven for All Mankind store at Tyson's Corner. Her shoes were purchased at the Guess store. And her handbag was a Nordstrom find.

What you'll find in her closet: : "I usually just do blacks, white, creams. I try to add some color so that it's not so blah. I usually add some purples, some greens in the print on shirts. ... I have so many shoes, and I don't even wear half of them. I try not to do the most expensive shoe. I find most of my shoes at T.J. Maxx. I see them and say, 'Ah, I have to have it!' I love sandals. Sandals are probably my favorite. Flat sandals."

Shopping is a favorite routine:: "I probably shop at least twice a week. I usually go to Montgomery Mall, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters. I actually shop a lot at Target. Forever 21 a little. Bloomingdale's. I mix it up a little. I try to get key pieces that are nice expensive pieces, and then I go to other stores to get little T-shirts or dresses or something."

Less is more: : "Something that I do not do is show cleavage and legs at the same time. I have more of a sophisticated, conservative style. I don't like to show my skin off. Most of the time I like to stay covered up more. And when you show your chest, don't show all arm. It's too much."

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