Mystery 'Developer B' identified in Dixon case

The Baltimore Sun

Patrick Turner is the second city developer mentioned in a 12-count indictment against Mayor Sheila Dixon, his spokeswoman confirmed yesterday.

Turner, who built million-dollar condos at Silo Point and is developing a swath of waterfront in Westport into what he calls a "second downtown," previously denied any involvement in the alleged City Hall corruption scandal.

But court papers filed yesterday show that he purchased hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards from Target and Best Buy and gave them to Dixon to distribute to needy families, the Associated Press reported. Prosecutors allege that Dixon made personal purchases with the cards. Turner is not charged with wrongdoing.

The indictment refers to two developers who bought gift cards, which the mayor allegedly misused, though the legal document masks their identities, calling one "Developer A" and the other "Developer B."

Developer A was identified as Ronald Lipscomb, who had a personal relationship with Dixon. Lipscomb, in a separate case, is charged with bribing City Councilwoman Helen L. Holton.

But, until now, the identify of Developer B had been a mystery.

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