Orioles serious about not throwing pitchers to wolves

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News item: The Orioles made their first round of cuts yesterday, sending out seven nonroster players, including top pitching prospects Chris Tillman and Jake Arrieta.

My take: There are scouts out there who think both pitchers could help the Orioles right now at the major league level, but Andy MacPhail and Dave Trembley pledged at the outset to put the long-term interests of the players ahead of the short-term needs of the team. It was the right move to send them out before the temptation becomes too great to accelerate their development.

News item: Michael Phelps said in an interview with Matt Lauer on NBC's Today show that, after being photographed at a college party with a marijuana pipe, he regrets the pain he caused his family and support group more than any lost sponsorship income.

My take: I believe him, but I think the best way to end that pain is to stop giving nationally televised interviews to readdress an incident that took place in November, was blown way out of proportion in early February and should be really old news by now.

News item: The Ravens will waive cornerback Samari Rolle sometime in the next few days, he told The Baltimore Sun, after he publicly called on the team to release him.

My take: He was probably going to get released regardless because the defense seems to be getting younger every day.

Bonus take: Exit Rolle. Enter former Tennessee Titans cornerback-kick returner Chris Carr, 25, who agreed in principle to a two-year deal with the Ravens.

News item: Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon blasted former teammate Manny Ramirez, calling him a "cancer" who "had to go" when Boston traded him to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

My take: Don't know why this made headlines. Like there's anybody in the western world who didn't know the guy was poisoning the team chemistry in Boston last summer.

News item: Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti told reporters that he's "curious" about free-agent pitcher Pedro Martinez.

My take: The Orioles don't share that curiosity, despite my harping on the subject and the almost daily setbacks that have kept three slots in the Opening Day rotation open.

Related news item: Right-hander Adam Eaton made his competitive debut with the Orioles on Friday, surviving a rocky start to pitch three innings and begin his quest to win a place in the regular-season rotation.

My take: Maybe "win" isn't the right word. Right now, they could turn the Orioles' hunt for viable starters into a new reality show, though they might be stuck for a title because Survivor is already taken.

News item: The St. Louis Rams released wide receiver Torry Holt.

My take: Don't know whether the Ravens have enough cap room to make a run at him, but Holt probably still has enough left to help in the education of a certain quarterback.

News item: Terrell Owens, after agent Drew Rosenhaus insisted he had offers from several teams, signed with the Buffalo Bills.

My take: Don't really know what to make of this. Because the Bills will play a regular-season game in Toronto this year, maybe T.O. was just looking for an opportunity to make a spectacle of himself in two countries this year.

News item: Mark McGwire broke his long media silence, agreeing to an interview with The New York Times about working on hitting with major league players Matt Holliday, Bobby Crosby, Skip Schumaker and Chris Duncan in the offseason.

My take: Technically, that's talking about the past, but he was not sitting in front of a congressional committee at the time.

News item: The Oakland Athletics are stiff-arming city officials, who seem willing to build a new stadium in the vicinity of McAfee Coliseum.

My take: How's that for a classic case of role reversal? Apparently, the A's want to move someplace where they might be able to draw a crowd once in a while.

News item: The Bowl Championship Series extended its contract with the Rose, Fiesta, Orange and Sugar bowls through the 2013 seasons.

My take: I'm disappointed. I was kind of hoping Barack Obama would have the new playoff system in place a little sooner.

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