Nurse's focus is surgery

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Salary: $53,000

Age: 44

Years on the job: 14

How she got started: : Trimble began her career as a medical assistant and later decided to go to nursing school, expecting to work as a labor and delivery nurse. But while attending the Union Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, Trimble began working for Dr. James Vogel as a medical assistant. She found she had a passion for plastic surgery nursing and after graduation decided to stay.

Trimble is a registered nurse. She is also a certified plastic surgical nurse with the American Society of Plastic Surgical Nurses.

Typical day:: Much of Trimble's work is focused on her role as patient coordinator for cosmetic procedures. This includes taking phone calls from prospective clients who want to know more about the services offered, the price and what's involved.

When patients come in for consultations, Trimble is there to walk them through it. This includes a preoperative nursing assessment and explaining the procedure they're interested in. She meets with the patient before the doctor's exam and will take photographs of the patient to be used for digital imaging to show before-and-after shots. After the doctor's exam, she'll answer any additional questions and explain the specifics of the procedure. Trimble also takes patients on tours of the facility.

Days are often split between blocks of time set aside for consultations and for surgeries. During a busy day, Trimble may meet with as many as 10 or 12 patients for consultations, which include follow-up appointments. The meetings take about 30 to 45 minutes each.

She said a major goal is to clarify patients' expectations.

"I want to make sure they really understand what the process is and what they're going to get out of it."

As office manager, Trimble oversees a staff of 14 employees to ensure the practice runs smoothly. Tasks involve administrative jobs such as paperwork on certain accreditation requirements and coordinating employee reviews.

Trimble is also a nurse injector, administering Botox treatments and anti-aging fillers.

Handholding: : Although people are nervous, Trimble said, it's "an exciting and fun kind of nervous."

She uses her own experience with plastic surgery, including breast augmentation, anti-aging fillers and a tummy tuck, to help alleviate patients' concerns.

Top procedures:: Breast augmentation, liposuction, hair transplants and facial procedures.

Recovery:: Trimble will meet with patients for at least two follow-up consultations. Most swelling is typically reduced within two weeks, and patients return for "after" photographs within about three months.

The good:: "The personal satisfaction of knowing I helped someone," Trimble said. "The patients' boost in self-esteem and self-confidence is amazing. It's uplifting."

The bad:: Not being able to see the reaction of patients' friends and family to the "new you" that she said comes with plastic surgery.

Philosophy:: "To help people enhance their self-esteem."

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