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Science supports humanity of fetus

President Barack Obama's comments about lifting the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, and the support he is receiving from Democrats and Republicans alike on this issue, are disgustingly disingenuous ("Obama to lift stem cell research restrictions," March 7).

It seems that stem cell supporters are ignoring or dancing around scientific facts about the early stages of life even as Mr. Obama claims to support "scientific facts."

The real scientific facts demonstrate that the embryo is a human being who should be treated with respect and dignity from the point of its creation, not be used as a commodity.

Unlike research using umbilical cord blood or adult stem cells, embryonic stem cell research has been unsuccessful in creating cures after many years of privately funded research.

The only ones who will benefit from that kind of taxpayer-funded research are political ideologues and the scientists who have concealed the facts.

Loretta J. Hoffman, Timonium

Similar sensitivity for all taxpayers?

Why does Kathleen Parker suggest that we should be "sensitive to the concerns of taxpayers who don't want to pay for research that requires embryo destruction" ("Obama's missed opportunity on stem cells," Commentary, March 11) when we are not sensitive to taxpayers who don't want to pay for killing and war?

Shouldn't we be similarly sensitive to people earning $50,000 who don't think they should be paying taxes to subsidize farmers who make more than $500,000 not to grow crops when there are people not getting enough to eat?

James K Weston, Baltimore

Give those who pay a break instead

Why don't we cut the interest rate or reduce the principal on the mortgages of those of us who are actually paying them, not those in default?

Imagine that, rewarding good behavior instead of bad.

That way, the responsible people would have more money to spend, thus stimulating the economy. And I'd bet the foreclosure rate would disappear.

G. Pennington, Perry Hall

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