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N.C. firm buys Harford Sanitation

A North Carolina-based company has purchased Harford Sanitation Services Inc. "They're hoping to continue business as usual," said Harford Sanitation Vice President Cindy Hooper Hushon, who will remain with the company through the transition. Waste Industries will take on Harford Sanitation's 52,000 customers and its 145 employees as well as its assets, including trucks. The company is looking for larger sites in Harford to relocate the business, Hushon said. Waste Industries operates collection services in the southeastern United States, and this is the company's first venture north of Virginia, Hushon said. She did not disclose a sale price for the company.

Liz F. Kay

Stanford to take Fifth in SEC case

DALLAS : Texas billionaire R. Allen Stanford and one of his top officials have asserted their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in the federal government's fraud case against them and Stanford's companies, according to court documents filed yesterday. Stanford said he will "decline to testify, provide an accounting or produce any documents" related to the Securities and Exchange Commission's civil case, which accuses him of running a "massive Ponzi scheme." Finance chief James M. Davis, using similar language, also asserted his right not to incriminate himself. The SEC is expected to make a case today for an injunction allowing a court-appointed receiver continued control over the assets of Stanford, Davis and Stanford Investment Group companies.

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