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Make better use of rescue copters

I read "Assessing medevac control" (March 5) with great interest, and I concur with House Speaker Michael E. Busch that the draft report of the House of Delegates' study panel on the medevac fleet was absolutely premature.

I encourage the speaker to have his "EMS Workgroup" dig further, and assess the flawed trauma/EMS governance structure as it relates to all the helicopter rescue resource within the state. I believe they would find plenty of untapped helicopter capacity that could offer significant benefit to citizens.

The heart of the issue is about maximizing the use of all of our resources to meet the needs of trauma victims and moving from a system of bureaucratic convenience to a high-performance trauma helicopter response system.

Dick Johnson, Catonsville

The writer is the founder of the Golden Hour Coalition Inc.

Courage reinforces struggle for cure

Thank you for the focus on the courage of Peggy Murphy, who recently lost her battle with breast cancer ("Her long battle with breast cancer ends," March 4). I never knew her, but The Baltimore Su n's articles on her attempts to cure herself through many interventions exemplify the kind of hope that keeps all of those like Ms. Murphy in the ring.

So many of us are out here - survivors, those still fighting hopefully, those who support us, those who mourn - that I am certain that medical science will find the cure or treatment that stops this disease from taking women in the prime of their lives.

My faith also makes me certain that Ms. Murphy joined millions of other women in a special place in heaven.

They are still partying and dancing and singing and sitting with their sons' dogs on a glorious March day.

Ellen Marshall, Baltimore

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