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Mexican violence no cause to disarm

I can't believe the editors would advocate limiting American citizens' Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms to help stop the murderous wars in northern Mexico ("North of the border," editorial, March 1).

The editorial states that federal agents have traced hundreds of weapons to gun dealers in the United States. But it does not say how many of these guns were stolen or obtained through other nefarious means.

And, besides, a few hundred guns out of the hundreds of thousands of guns in Mexico isn't a big deal.

The editorial suggests that cross-border trafficking in guns has U.S. homeland security officials considering sending military units to the border. And I say, "Isn't it about time"?

The editors also state that "It's too easy to buy AK-47's and other gangland-style guns here."

Nothing could be further from the truth.

To buy a AK-47 you have to pay for the gun ahead of time, wait seven days while the State Police do a background check (which you also pay for), and then you can pick up your gun.

Kurt S. Willem, Hydes

GOP's big spending caused the mess

In response to the letter that engaged in the usual Republican name-calling about Democrats' tax-and-spend policies ("Keeping his promise to spread wealth," March 2), it should be noted that it was Republican policies of tax, borrow and spend, with the money spent largely on foreign policy fantasies rather than on useful infrastructure and programs, that created the debt problem our country will face for years.

And that the real cost of the Iraq war is likely to dwarf even the cost of the massive stimulus bill.

Charles Rammelkamp, Baltimore

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