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Will aid to Gaza mean more bombs?

I am totally baffled by the Obama administration's pledge of $900 million to aid Hamas and the Palestinians after Israel's justified retaliation for the months and months of senseless attacks on southern Israel from Gaza ("U.S. aid tilts toward W. Bank," March 2).

When the United Nations was providing aid to Gaza during and following Israel's strikes, it was widely reported that Hamas officials were intercepting aid meant for civilian victims and not permitting them to receive the assistance they so desperately needed.

So our own government, ignoring Israel's unwavering loyalty to the United States for decades, will be providing money to Gaza that could be used to assist terrorists to destroy the United States' most loyal ally, Israel.

Steven Land, Baltimore

It's a good idea to help the Palestinians with millions to rebuild. But how will we avoid it being used to build bunkers from which to launch bigger missiles at Israel next time?

There must be some agreement to ensure that the aid will not encourage Palestinians and Hamas to send more bombs into Israel and then get more money to rebuild.

Enough is enough.

I. Morton Schindler, Baltimore

Rhetoric implies new class warfare

The tone of the letter "Make the wealthy pay more FICA tax" (March 2) - which suggests that the "rich" (who already pay for the vast majority of government services) should be grateful that guillotines are hard to find on eBay - gives credibility to the many people who have accused the current administration of practicing class warfare.

Mike Bagliani, Baltimore

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