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Wow, talk about having too much time on your hands.

At 5golden, a blog by and for Pittsburgh Steelers fans, the authors conducted a count of NFL-related material being sold on eBay on a recent day and found this ranking of the top five teams: Steelers (16,567), Dallas Cowboys (10,987), New York Giants (7,633), Green Bay Packers (7,445) and Chicago Bears (7,057).

Among the items: a 1976 Steelers coloring book, a Bill Parcells-style Giants sweater and a "no Jessica" T-shirt (referring to Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's distraction, Jessica Simpson).

The Ravens ranked No. 24, with 2,934 items. Mr. Flip doesn't know whether Ray Lewis was among the stuff for sale.

Ex-Terp romance

The last time former Maryland tight end Vernon Davis was making much news, it was for running afoul of his coach with the San Francisco 49ers, Mike Singletary. Now, however, comes word Davis was seen on the Oscar party circuit with Reno 911 star Niecy Nash. If nothing else, Nash should be able to give Davis advice on snappy comebacks the next time Singletary gets on his case.

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Cup of Joe

Adam "the Former Pacman, Not the Oriole" Jones will still be playing football on your television, despite being cut by the Cowboys. Jones has joined the cast of athletes for Spike TV's Pros vs. Joes 4.

The program pits average "Joes" against pro athletes - often those recently retired - in competitions for the reality TV show. Among the other football players are two former Ravens, Steve McNair and Priest Holmes.

"It's a good show," Jones told the Associated Press. "Hopefully, I can bring a little excitement to it."

Given Jones' history, that "excitement" could turn the show into an episode of Cops.

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