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Computer accessory maker Atek recently introduced the Stagehand Wireless Presentation Controller. Features include range of more than 50 feet and an illumination light that lets you check notes or equipment problems when doing a presentation without having to turn on overhead room lights.

On the Web:

* Google Earth turned its high-resolution cameras to the renowned works of the Prado Museum in Madrid. The detail of Google Earth street views at which users have marveled is just as impressive while dissecting the intricacies of a Velasquez or a Rembrandt. Go to

* If you want to see how time can do amazing things to people you watched growing up, check out the "'Memba Them" feature on To be fair, some celebrities - albeit very, very few - look hardly any different from their glory days.

* MySpace has added new features to MySpace Fashion, its hub for style and fashion. They include Discount Thursdays, when users can access codes to receive discounts at certain boutiques; Fresh Face, which highlights up-and-coming designers and The Fit, which offers ways to achieve the same look as celebrities and fashionistas at affordable prices.

On satellite radio:

A live performance of Willie Nelson and Texas swing ambassadors Asleep at the Wheel from Carl's Corner, Texas, airs at 10 tonight on Sirius channel 64 and XM channel 13. It will be rebroadcast at 3 p.m. Saturday.

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