Eyes on the Tiger: With Woods returning, it's OK to watch golf

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News item: Tiger Woods announced Thursday that he'll play in this week's Accenture Match Play Championship, his first competitive appearance since undergoing knee surgery.

My take: This is great news for all the real golf fans who have shown their solidarity with Woods by refusing to watch golf while he was rehabilitating his knee.

News item: New steroid-related revelations continue to confront baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez, who had hoped to put the whole issue to rest with his public apology on ESPN and his news conference Tuesday at the New York Yankees' training complex in Tampa, Fla.

My take: I'm trying to figure out just why Rodriguez agreed to have that mea culpa news conference, because it's beginning to look like he left out a lot of important details.

Bonus take: It's not that complicated. If you're not going to tell the whole truth, it's probably better not to say anything at all. I mean, did he and his handlers really think the media would just nod appreciatively and take everything he said at face value?

News item: Baseball commissioner Bud Selig told Newsday on Monday that he is not to blame for the game's steroid scandal and that the players union thwarted his early attempts to institute a steroid-testing program.

My take: There's plenty of blame to go around and little point in it anymore. The steroid scandal has become its own punishment for Selig and the union, who share responsibility for everything that has happened to the game under their watch.

News item: The Ravens have placed the franchise tag on linebacker Terrell Suggs for the second year in a row.

My take: Suggs was hoping for a long-term deal with a huge signing bonus, but it's not a bad deal. He's going to get $10.2 million this year - in a bad economy - and could get another bite at the free-agent apple next spring.

News item: Ken Griffey Jr., after consulting with Hall of Fame sluggers Willie Mays and Hank Aaron, finally decided between the Atlanta Braves and Seattle Mariners. He'll go back to where it all began, in Seattle.

My take: That's great. Now, if the M's can talk the Yankees out of A-Rod, it'll be just like old times.

News item: More than two years after his name first started surfacing in trade rumors, Brian Roberts signed a four-year, $40 million contract extension that will keep him in Baltimore through the 2013 season.

My take: If you're an Orioles fan, I think you have to take your cap off to Andy MacPhail, who has delivered on just about everything he promised when he assumed control of baseball operations in 2007.

Bonus take: Of course, none of it - the series of big trades, the retention of Roberts and Nick Markakis, the expansion of young talent - is any guarantee that the Orioles will become competitive in the American League East in the next couple of years, but that seems a whole lot more likely than it did at the end of last season.

News item: Boston Red Sox owner John Henry has renewed his call for Major League Baseball to institute a salary cap to achieve better economic and competitive balance.

My take: This just in from the Major League Baseball Players Association: Fat chance.

News item: The county sheriff in South Carolina who was investigating the party at which Michael Phelps allegedly smoked marijuana announced Monday that the Olympic star would not face any charges related to the incident.

My take: Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott dropped the investigation for lack of evidence after starting it because of a lack of common sense.

News item: One of the new sports proposed for the 2016 Olympics is roller speedskating.

My take: You'll get no joke here. I have great respect for roller skaters, especially the ones who bring the burgers right to your car window.

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