Robber who targeted elderly gets 7 years

The Baltimore Sun

The robberies were methodical, the victims elderly. Kent D. Tillman would hang around banks and watch senior citizens make cash withdrawals before following them home, prosecutors said. Once there, they said, he would knock them to the ground, take their valuables and flee. Tillman, 20, who was charged with two such robberies, was sentenced yesterday in Baltimore County Circuit Court to a 15-year prison term, with all but seven years suspended.

His lawyer, Donna M. Coleman, had asked Judge H. Patrick Stringer earlier in the hearing to consider leniency, given that Tillman did not appear to have used a weapon in the robberies. Stringer responded that, while the sentence "would be a lot greater if there was a weapon involved," the defendant had to "face the consequences" of his actions. "I also owe it to our senior citizens to protect them," the judge said.

Assistant State's Attorney Kristin E. Blumer said after the sentencing that police believe Tillman, of the 1100 block of Bonaparte Ave. in Baltimore, committed at least one other robbery, "but they didn't have enough evidence to charge him." In an arrangement with prosecutors, he pleaded guilty to a single robbery count.

He admitted the May 9, 2007, robbery of an 81-year-old woman outside her home on Putty Hill Avenue in Perring Village. The other robbery with which Tillman was charged, Blumer said, occurred May 30, 2007. The victim was an 82-year-old man who lived on Daybreak Terrace in Holland Hills.

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