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Friday the 13th

* (1 STAR)



$40.6 million

1 week

Rated: R

Running time: 97 minutes

What it's about: The hockey-mask-clad killer terrorizes a fresh batch of randy teens (including Jared Padalecki) in this remake of the classic horror film.

Our take: Not fun, more loud than scary, not even all that gory, this new Friday the 13th has Jason all right, but otherwise misses nearly everything that made the original films work.

He's Just Not That Into You

** 1/2 ( 2 1/2 STARS)



$55.0 million

2 weeks

Rated: PG-13

Running time: 129 minutes

What it's about: Nine young, excessively attractive Baltimoreans (including Drew Barrymore, above) struggle to understand dating, relationships and their significant others.

Our take: It's a movie in which everyone should see themselves for at least a few minutes (and wish they were that young, beautiful and well-off).


** (2 STARS)



$77.7 million

3 weeks

Rated: PG-13

Running time: 93 minutes

What it's about: An ex-CIA man (Liam Neeson, above) becomes an ear-witness, via cell phone, to the abduction of his daughter; he proceeds to chop, stab and shoot his way through an underworld in France.

Our take: Neeson may be in fighting trim, but the smackdowns are notable for their ferocity rather than their athleticism.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

* 1/2 (1 1/2 STARS)



$15.1 million

1 week

Rated: PG

Running time: 104 minutes

What it's about: A Manhattanite addicted to shopping becomes a hit as an Everywoman columnist for a Manhattan-based financial magazine.

Our take: Isla Fisher (above) plays the title character with slapstick verve, but the movie plays like an overlong and overemphatic cartoon. The problem here isn't conspicuous consumption. It's ostentatious idiocy.


*** 1/2 (3 1/2 STARS)



$35 million

2 weeks

Rated: PG

Running time: 100 minutes

What it's about: Coraline follows a path through a tiny, square door into a house that looks like her own, including almost-identical parents - except her "Other Mother" and "Other Father" have buttons for eyes.

Our take: The combination of 3-D digital photography and puppet-animation creates a world that's dense, active and fluid: a sensory Jacuzzi.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

** (2 STARS)



$109.8 million

5 weeks

Rated: PG

Running time: 87 minutes

What it's about: Kevin James (above) stars as a fat and clueless security guard who takes on goons that have overrun his New Jersey mall.

Our take: Sure, you'll laugh at times. But you'll feel guilty about it later.

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